Take time to ask, before it’s too late…

This post is inspired by Tech Columnist Jefferson Graham’s story published in USA TODAY on capturing some precious Father’s Day Stories in the nick of time: Voices: Talk to Dad on video for Father’s Day Using StoryCatcher® for iOS makes it easy!

“After lunch we returned to the house, where Jerry Graham indulged me by answering questions about his life, on video.

Little did either of us realize that he would be dead of a sudden heart attack within 36 hours, that this encounter would be my final chance to learn details of his life that only he could reveal.

So as we approach Father’s Day, I urge everyone to sit down with their dads to record and preserve these personal stories for future generations.

Before it’s too late.

We live in an era unlike any other in history, where most of us now have a video camera in our pocket — the smartphone. Let’s use the tool to tell and preserve our stories.” ~Jefferson Graham

All too often, this is a story I hear from people when talking about my business, creating personal history films. What’s more, often I hear they were PLANNING to “do something” with their loved ones’ stories, but they just haven’t gotten around to it.

Record Father’s Day Stories Using StoryCatcher®

This is part of the reason we developed StoryCatcher®, to assist people in capturing video stories with their friends and family, anytime, anywhere; before it’s too late.

The value of having captured video stories is impossible to explain. It is something that those who have lost the opportunity can talk about quite a bit. That sparkle in his eye, the sound of her laughter and her voice, those questions they always meant to ask…

Some might view it morbid or crass to connect recording our loved ones’ stories with mortality. Frankly, I’ve found it’s one of the few things that gets people’s attention. We live in a culture and society that tends to operate as if we’re immortal; until we’re not.

I feel the value of presencing our mortality is so that we do take the time to love and connect with the important people in our lives NOW and not wait for that mystical, magical more convenient future moment, when all our “to do’s” are done and we’re ready. LIVE now, LOVE now. Enjoy your Father’s Day and honor the men who are Dad’s in your life, biological or not, by capturing a story or two with them on video…using StoryCatcher® for iPhone, of course!

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Personal Historian | Video Producer

April Bell has been capturing people’s life stories in The San Francisco Bay Area and across the U.S. since 2008. Her work has been written about in WIRED,  The New York Times, USA Today, and elsewhere. She is proud co-creator of StoryCatcher® for iOS.

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Liz Massey, Professional Oral Historian

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"Even iPhone apps are being used to create ethical wills. April Bell, who owns a video storytelling business called Tree of Life Legacies, codeveloped the ethical will app StoryCatcher® for iPhone use."

The New York Times, Story: Ethical Wills In The Tech Age